Who We Are

Welcome to the Extra Point

We have one goal: teach our students how to score higher on standardized tests. Our content certified teachers help each student develop an individualized strategy for taking the ACT. Our program provides content area test-taking strategies and in-depth content review. This formula has helped our students increase 4 composite points (average) on the ACT.

Program Objective

Our ACT courses are designed to help you improve your ACT score. Our classes focus on test taking and pacing strategies, content area review, content area practice tests and full length practice tests. You may take individual content courses or the Full Program.

This 38-hour Full Program covers all four individual content courses and provides extensive preparation for the entire ACT test. Students will receive a discount for registering for the Full Program. The discount is reflected in the Full Program price.

Our Process

Each content course is designed to introduce testing and pacing strategies and skills review for the content area. Students practice each of these strategies and skills in a timed, realistic ACT setting. 

Goal setting is an important component of the class. It is important that students complete coursework and track results as guided by the instructor to reach goal scores.  Instructors will suggest personalized strategies based on these tracked results. 

Our Team

Our team is only made up of content certified teachers.

School: St. Michael the Archangel High School

The Extra Point: ACT Math & Science; PSAT Math

Kevin Landry is co-owner of The Extra Point, LLC. He has been a teacher for 17 years, teaching math, economics and science. He has taught Algebra 1 Honors, Geometry, Geometry Honors, Algebra 2, Algebra 2 Honors, Probability and Statistics, Advanced Math, Personal and Family Finance, AP Economics and Biology. Mr. Landry has an undergraduate degree in Finance, an alternative certification in mathematics education, a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology and a National Certificate in Online Learning. Mr. Landry taught at Catholic High School (2002-2007) and St. Joseph’s Academy (2009-2020). Mr Landry is currently the Assistant Principal of Curriculum & Instruction at St. Michael the Archangel High School in Baton Rouge, LA.

School: St. George Catholic School 

The Extra Point: ACT English & Reading; PSAT Reading & Writing

Shannon Landry is co-owner of The Extra Point, LLC and has been a teacher for 12 years. She has taught English, reading, social studies, religion and journalism.  Mrs. Landry has an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice and an alternative certification in middle school English Language Arts and Social Studies. Mrs. Landry currently teaches at St. George Catholic School. 

School: St. Joseph’s Academy

The Extra Point: ACT English

Brianna Sommers is an English III and English IV Dual Enrollment teacher at St. Joseph’s Academy. After graduating from the University of Mississippi Honors College in 2010 with a degree in Secondary English Education, she returned home to Louisiana to pursue her teaching career at West Feliciana High School in St. Francisville, La. At West Feliciana High School, Brianna taught English I, English I Honors, ACT Prep, a reading intervention class, and was responsible for the yearbook. After three years at WFHS, she accepted a position at her Alma Mater, St. Joseph’s Academy. In addition to teaching, Brianna works for the Louisiana Department of Education as a Louisiana Teacher Leader to design cold read assessment sets for the Louisiana public school system and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology from Boise State University. Brianna is also the Innovation and Design Lab Director at St. Joseph’s Academy.

School: University Lab School

The Extra Point: ACT English & Reading

Candence Robillard has taught high school English for 22 years. She achieved National Board Certification in 2004 and holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in English, a Master of Education, and Education Specialist degrees. Candence is currently pursuing a doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction at LSU.She has taught at University Laboratory School for the last 17 years and has been chair of the English department for three years. She currently teaches English III and English IB.

School: St. Joseph’s Academy 

The Extra Point: ACT Science

Rhonda Moreau Baird is a Chemistry Honors and Physical Science Honors teacher at her Alma Mater, St. Joseph’s Academy.  She holds her undergraduate and master’s degrees from Louisiana Tech University with a BS in Finance and an MBA with a specialty in Finance.  Rhonda recently retired from the corporate arena with over 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, and corporate recruiting.  Her real passion for teaching is Chemistry and all sciences; after retiring, Rhonda became a substitute teacher in St. Joseph’s Academy’s Science Department which led to her pursuit of General Science and Chemistry Teacher Certification through LRCE, Louisiana Resource Center for Educators. In addition to teaching in the Science Department at SJA, she is also the moderator for the Criminal Justice Club.