Online Course Information

ACT Full Program (Online)

The ACT Full Program (Online) is an online version of The Extra Point’s ACT Full Program. This includes the full suite of ACT Individual Courses including English, Math, Reading and Science. We have taken our very successful classroom course and converted it to an online platform. The online platform provides the same great content, strategies, and practice questions. We have added 15 hours of video instruction to give you guidance as if you were in our classroom. 

The online courses offer an in-depth and comprehensive ACT test preparation program. During the course of our program, you will review key concepts from each content area test. Our videos will help you address your strengths and weaknesses. You will then be able to formulate a strategy for each content test tailored for your individual goals. In addition, you will complete approximately 1,200 practice problems and two full-length practice tests before completing the entire program.


The ACT Ultimate Review Course is a self-paced course. Each individual course takes about 3-10 hours to complete. You will need to assess your individual strengths and weaknesses to determine how much time you will need on each skill. This means you may finish some courses faster and take longer on others. You will also need to assess your time commitment and create a schedule to finish the course before your ACT test date. For optimal results, please follow the pacing guide provided in the course. You may reduce the time needed on some courses since the first two sections of each course are basically the same information.


ACT Ultimate Review Packet

All 4 Courses
$ 99
  • ACT English, Math, Reading, and Science
  • 15+ Hours of Video
  • 1200+ Practice Questions
  • 90-Day Access
  • 3+ Point Improvement