ACT Test Information Release (BEST ACT PREP)

ACT Test Information Release (BEST ACT PREP)

Do you wish you could get a copy of your ACT test to see what you missed? Well you can, it’s called the Test Information Release (TIR). The ACT Test Information Release is an actual copy of the test that you took. When you receive it, you will get a copy of the test and an itemized list of your answers, showing what you got right and wrong. More on this later!

It’s really cool of the ACT to do this BUT the only problem is that you can only order the TIR for three of the ACT test dates; December, April, and June. If you take a different test date you will not be offered the opportunity to order the test. In special cases you may be able to order your TIR if you took a state sponsored test at your school during a school day.

To receive your TIR you will need to order it when you register for the ACT or you can mail in a form with a check for $20. I have provided you with a link to the form below, so you just need to print it, fill it out, and mail it. You can expect your scores within 4 – 6 weeks. In many cases it comes much quicker.

ACT Test Information Release Form

Now let’s really talk about why you want to order a copy of your test. You want to see what you missed, right? Well that is only useful if you know how to use it. I want to give you 4 ways to use the TIR to improve on your next ACT test date.

  1. If you have time you should retake the test before you look at it, then compare your scores. Some passages may look familiar, but it is highly unlikely that you will remember the exact answers of any question. This can be done in sections as well. It is not necessary to retake the test in one sitting. If you score much better the second time, this may tell you that test day nerves are possibly affecting your score.
  1. Look for silly mistakes on your original test. Did you miss any easy questions? Did you miss them again on the retake? This may clue you in to some areas that you can improve with a little prep work and just being more mentally focused.
  1. Look for patterns in the question types that you are missing. Are you missing a lot of geometry questions? Commas? A certain passage type in reading or science. Focus on studying these types of questions or getting a test prep professional to help you.
  1. Did you miss a lot of questions at the end of the test? This may indicate a pacing problem if you had to guess at the end of a test. If this is a problem, look for tips on pacing. Our video on improving your ACT score has some pacing guidelines that may be helpful.

Now that you know how to improve your score using the TIR, you may want some additional test tips. We are always looking to help so grab our free PDF giving you our best 20 ACT tips. It is a great companion to your TIR. The link to grab it is below.

20 ACT Tips

I hope you get the “extra point” that you need. Good luck on your ACT journey.

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