ACT Score Improvement (IN 1 NIGHT)

Let me guess, the ACT is coming up quickly and you need a lifeline! Keep reading to learn how to improve your ACT score in 1 night.

Testing Basics #1: You must understand the format of the test! 

You may have already taken the test once (or twice) and think that this is unimportant, but you must know these 3 things about the format of the test.

  •         The timing of each test
  •         The length of each test
  •         The directions of each test

So here is a quick recap:

English is 75 questions and is a 45-minute test. Math is 60 questions and is a 60-minute test. At this point you will get a 10-minute break. Now you will finish with Reading and Science. Both tests have 40 questions and are 35-minutes long.

Here is my next suggestion, print a copy of an ACT Test. There is a link to a practice test below. Be sure to print that out for some quick ACT prep.

Preparing for the ACT Practice Test

Now that you have a copy of a practice test, I want you to read the directions of each test and then never read them again. They rarely change and they are a time waster on the test.

Testing Basics #2: Have an approach to taking the test. 

More specifically, know how you are going to deal with easy, medium, and hard questions. We like to teach students a 2-pass approach. This doesn’t mean you are going to take the test twice. What we would like you to do when taking the test is to make sure you take your time (don’t go slowly!) and get all the easy questions correct, skip the medium questions for later in the test, and guess on all the hard questions immediately. If you do this effectively you should be able to take a second look at the medium questions on the test. The medium level questions are where you will make the largest jump in your score. This testing strategy will ensure you see any easy questions that may be buried at the end of the test. The worst mistake you can make is not getting to those questions and then guessing at them.

Testing Basics #3: Letter of the Day (LOD). 

This is a vital testing strategy that is a must use for the previous tip. The letter of the day is ONE letter that you will use to guess with on three occasions.

  1. When you skip a question, you will need to put the letter of the day on the answer sheet as a placeholder for later.
  2. When the question is hard and you cannot eliminate any answers with process of elimination, then you need to immediately put a letter of the day and move on.
  3.  And finally, if you run out of time and need to fill in the rest of the bubbles you should use the letter of the day. We would like to see you do this at the 5-minute call and not the end of the test.

Now there are some statistical reasons that a letter of the day works. However, the long and the short of it is that you need to stick to one letter to guess with for the 3 previous examples.

Now that you know how to improve your score in one night, you’ll need to make sure you’re fully prepped for the test. You can do that easily with our free PDF offering our best 20 ACT tips. The link to grab it is below.

20 ACT Tips Free PDF


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